Brian Ezra

Brian Ezra is a founding partner of Avery Hall and is responsible for sourcing & acquisitions, project conceptualization and overall company development strategy.


Avi Fisher

Avi Fisher is a founding partner of Avery Hall and leads the firm’s strategic capital and development partnerships, project financings, and day-to-day firm operations.


Jesse Wark

Jesse Wark is a partner and oversees all design, development and construction activities within the company.



Versatility. Expertise. Integrity.

The Avery Hall team brings together a broad range of real esate, design and finance expertise to ensure projects are conceived, designed and executed to the highest standard. We are committed to maxximizing value for our investors, users and communities.

Tarlton Long
Principal, Director Avery Hall Southeast
Drew Fitzpatrick

Vice President, Acquisitions

Lawrence Raynor

Senior Development Manager

Steven Spektor

Principal, Director of Construction

Alex Baker

Director of Acquisitions

Christine Di Donato

Director of Finance

William Chiu

Project Manager

Guillermo Castello

Senior Manager
Design and Development

Pablo Kohan
Senior Development Manager
Michelle Easterlin

Vice President, Residential Leasing & Marketing

Guillermo Matias

Senior Development Manager

Alex Cutrona

Senior Development Manager

Zeid Ghawi

Design and Development Associate

Courtney Kiefer
Junior Accountant
Gianluca Versari

Development Manager

Hele Rose

Senior Asset Manager